me: well they just called it a vegetable garden
but I call them all victory gardens
like from WWII when you planted your own veggies to eat
Cornbread: oh i get it!
liberty cabbage and freedom fries and such
me: yes
except freedom fries didn’t exist until 2011


She typed “love you” every time, then erased it, letter by letter. She backspaced herself into her rightful place in the friend zone.

My kids had a heart attack when they realized we had to destroy them.

These are probably more than 50 years old and I would not trust the wiring anymore. They do work without sparking.

Worst Freecycle offer ever, or the day Freecycle jumped the shark and turned into Antiques Roadshow? Your call.

I don’t understand.

Awkward! (Look at this couch! Hello, 1997.)

Does anyone have some duct tape that you never use and want to get rid of? I will be happy to pick it up. It will be well used in my daughter’s preschool. Thanks!


Someone please contact the authorities. Just in case.